Who makes the v.92 modem in the Airport Express?

The reason I ask is that my brand new iMAC cannot connect beyond 28k via dialup, even though I get 49k (rock solid) with 5 different PC based modems. My line is fine. I had the iMac modem replaced (motherboard) and it is no better. I have been very disappointed in the crappy modem they built into the iMac, more so that I can't just use one of my external modems (finding a reasonably priced Mac USB modem seems difficult).

So one thought I had was getting the Airport Express Extreme (since it looks sweet anyways) and just using the modem in it. So the question becomes, is it the same crappy modem in the base station as in the new iMac G5? If I drop the change for the router and still get 28k connection I am going to lose my lunch. neye: