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    Any Books On Mac Network (Port Block & Lan Blocking)?
    Note: Below I ask about blocking Ports and LAN for a school, but I am NOT trying to get a 100% "Hold my hand" help in doing so. I do want help, but at the same time learn from that help so I have the know how.

    Ok, I consider myself intermediate in networking, however it's in home use only.

    A few weeks ago I decided to expand my knowledge, not only for PCs but for Macs as well (I want to be a Film Editor and LOVE Final Cut Pro).

    The only thing is that all I see for networking at book stores (B7N, Boarders, etc.) is Cisco or PC related networking. I went to the Apple store aver at Crossgates Mall (Over in Albany, NY), but they for some reason had no books on networking or anything related.

    The priority I want to learn is the difference between servers and routers, as well as Port Blocking and blocking LAN connections.

    I work at a private school and the majority of the kids play Blizzard games (Warcraft/Starcraft), and I have the port numbers but unsure how to block them on either PC related or Mac related (again I just learned enough for home use) On top of the fact, I've read that Blocking Ports will NOT block them from playing via LAN so I want to learn if there are means to block that too.

    Any help from you guys/gals and/or point me in the direction of recommended books I would really appreciate this.

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    Thanks for the list, I'll go tomorrow and check them out at my B&N. Hopefully some will have info on Macs as well.

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