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    Verizon DSL W327 Modem/Router - Using with Snow Leopard - connectivity problems
    I am using a current model MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard. When I first got it, I upgraded the Verizon modem/router firmware (Westell W327) and MBP worked with a wireless or ethernet connection.

    I haven't used OS X for a couple of weeks, and during that time booted up in Windows 7 exclusively and had no problems accessing the internet.

    Now when I try to connect to the internet, wireless or ethernet from Snow Leopard, I cannot access the internet and all other current connections from other computers stop working as well.

    Let me qualify that. When I first connect, I can access the Google home page and Google News - then everything times out and I get the Verzion 404 page.

    When I disconnect the ethernet cable or wifi, then the connections in the other computers work, so essentially, Snow Leopard is disabling the modem/router.

    I can get internet access using the modem with an older version of OS X, my iPod Touch, Vista and Windows 7, so it has to be Snow Leopard.

    Other than using another router, is there something I can do to get Snow Leopard to work with the existing router? I know the Westell is outdated (2005) and not the most loved modem/router, but it did work at one time.

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    More details
    I hooked up the Westell modem to a Linksys router and an ethernet connection to the MacBook. Still the same problem.

    Actually what happens is after plugging in the ethernet cable, I can open one or two pages. Then everything afterwards times out.


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    Hey everyone! I struggled with a similar problem for about two hours after upgrading to Snow Leopard, but I finally figured out (what seems to be) a solution:

    1. Go into your router's administration page and find your DNS server(s).
    2. Open up Network Preferences in your System Preferences window.
    3. In the Advanced section, click on the DNS tab.
    4. Manually add the DNS servers you looked up in Step 1.

    Hope this helps!
    MacBookPro 5.1
    2.4GHz....4GB RAM

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    I didn't get a chance to look at DNS tab - I'll take a look next time.

    I solved the problem. By getting a replacement modem/router from Verizon. I exchanged the 5 year old ancient hunk of Westell junk 327W for a Westell 7500. Not sure if it's any better as the admin screens look similar, but everything works properly now - ethernet cable and wireless.

    Should have done that awhile ago. Wonder if I should just ask for an exchange every couple of years to keep current.

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