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    Lost my connection to Airport Extreme
    After years and years of quality use, my MacBook will no longer connect with my Airport Extreme and my Cox Cable broadband service in my house. I have three MacBooks (wife and son) and their MacBooks are still connecting fine. As recently as yesterday my MacBook wirelessly connected fine at the home of a friend 90 miles from my home when I visited him. I came home, connected briefly with my home setup, and then lost the connection. I decided to go to sleep and worry about it this morning. This morning, the signal would come and go. I've done all of the normal quick fixes, especially unplugging the router and the AP Extreme and plugging them back in, eliminating a number of wireless configurations that sill existed in my network preferences, etc. I have successfully connected to the broadband using a direct ethernet cable...I unplugged from the Airport Extreme and plugged it in to my worked fine.

    Can someone PLEASE help me identify the issue with my wireless connection? Thank you.

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    Check the logs of the Airport Extreme and see if it says anything about disassociating or some such message. Another thing to try is istumbler to see network power and other data that may help debug the issue. Put istumbler on your other machines and see if they report your network differently.

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