My ibook does not recognize the airport card. I replaced the airport extreme card(internal type, not the one under the keyboard), and no change. Is there anything else it might be? When this all started I was getting kernelpanics. That only seems to occur when the card is recognized.

Initially I removed the old card, and put it back in, with a little more pressure from some paper I slipped in to push it down (per a suggestion on the internet). This made it work for 5 minutes, then the kernel panics. Then nothing. So, after replacing the card - nothing. I will note that I did not use the same suggested technique of added pressure from the inserted "paper wad".

I took it to a Mac repair place (not Apple), and they said it was a bad airport card. Apparently it must be more than that, because the new one did not work either. Is there anyway to find out if it is the logic board, i.e. anything else that may be going haywire as a result? I will note, when restarting the computer it will sometimes tell me that the date and time are wrong, due to something or other.

Any advice would be appreciated - Thanks,