Hello. I should be receiving my Powerbook soon wtih an Airport card and base station for school. Currently, I am taking my personal laptop to work every day, which is a PC. I would like to add a wireless router to my house, and a wireless card to my laptop, but I have some questions.

I have three places that I log into with my laptop. Each has a router providing a consistent gateway of 198.168,1,1.

At home and an office I work part time at, that is just what I have set up to share the DSL signal. At school, I had to put a router in place because when I plugged up my laptop to the school network, I had to restart every day, and then again when I got home.

So, the questions are:

1) Will the Apple Airport Base work like my other routers wtih my PC laptop, that I can set up to provide a gateway?

2) What card should I get for my PC laptop to be compatible with the Apple Airport?

3) What wireless base can I get for the home that will be compatible with the card I get for the PC and be compatible with the Airport Extreme Card that the Apple Powerbook will have?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for any feedback!