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    Angry Fast on one, slow on another? Same WiFi Network
    I have two Macs that I use in my apartment on the same WiFi network. The network is made with my Apple Airport Extreme router.

    The problem is, on the iMac (2009), internet works perfectly. I checked on, it is just as it should be!

    On the Macbook Pro (2006), it is horrible. It may take up to half an hour to load a 4 minute YouTube video, a minute to load a page, etc.

    The WiFi connection on both is 4/4. I have done a software update for both of them recently.

    Please help,


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    Can you post the up and down speed test results for both machines so we can take a look at them?

    If it's a matter of changing settings on the older MBP, you should be able to match the settings on the newer machine. It could also be a DNS problem.


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