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    Topic : Internet connectivity problems. Conflicting IP address?
    For the last few months I have been experiencing significant internet connection problems on my mac mini. Although at times my connection is ok, the majority of the time I'm suffering from what would best be described as an "intermittent" internet connection. It seems that my internet connection is constantly cutting out for short periods of time before re-establishing itself.

    I'm connected to the internet via a wireless network (netgear router). There are also two windows machines (one laptop and one desktop) and a PS3 connected on the same network (also occasionally there is a macbook connected to the network too).

    I've been with the same ISP for over a year now and previously had always experienced a good connection, also all the other devices connected on this network seem to have fine connectivity so I doubt there is any problem with my service provider.

    It could be a coincidence but the emergence of the problem seems to have conincided with my flatmates purchase of a laptop. When my flatmate first connected his laptop to the internet I received a message on my mac mini stating there was an IP address conflict, although I have not had that message again and I seem to suffer from bad connectivity at all times, not just when my flatmates laptop is turned on! Could these to issues be related?

    I'd be very grateful for any advice on how to resolve this issue as it's getting to be a very significant problem, thanks in advance for any replies...

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    check the netgear's settings via web browser and also make sure that your machine is using DHCP. You might reserve an address for you in the DHCP table that's tied to your machine's MAC address to avoid conflict.

    Once you've done that, delete saved network information on your Mini (location, preferred networks, etc) and start from scratch.

    Post your results.

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