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    Best Storage Option for Airport
    So heres my predicament. At my school we have 12 iMacs all running Final Cut. 6 of them have tiger, 6 have leopard. We recently lost alot of data and the teacher has asked me to figure out a way to run time machine on all of them as well as network all of the imacs.

    So heres what i was thinking. First upgrade all to Snow Leopard, then purchase an Airport Extreme Base Station to network all of them.

    Now my question is whats the best way to do storage? we want at least 10 TB with the possibility of an upgrade, so would purchasing a USB hub and getting 10 external HDs work? or what sort of NAS system could i set up?

    any help is greatly appreciated!

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    That's certainly the easiest way that I know of, but it might not be the "best" or most practical. Wireless backups take a long time for the initial backup. Should be quick after that though.

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