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    Ongoing network problem
    Hi guys,

    I had a previous thread asking for advice about my MBP not connecting to the internet on wakeup, while my wife's MB does work almost always, with very occasional errors.

    I have an Airport Extreme and a Belkin ADSL2 modem, both laptops are running Leopard but the problem has been there since Tiger.

    I can see the modem immediately on the wireless network. My workaround is to log into the modem, disconnect and reconnect it, and after about 2 mins I'm on the net.

    I have had good advice on settings and I find i already have all the suggested settings, including NOT having the 'disconnect when sleeping' setting selected.

    If I can't get this resolved through software, can someone recommend an ADSL2 modem that works reliably with an Airport Extreme?

    Failing even that, if I get a DLink DIR-655, can I reconfigure the Extreme to be a print server for my printer and use the DLink as the main wireless router?

    Thanks for any advice you have!


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    Do u have both the Extreme and the Belkin handing out the DHCP? Put the Extreme in bridge mode and make sure the DNS numbers for your ISP are showing up in the Network settings of your MBP - if not check this. If both laptops do a bit of roaming look at setting up a Location for home.

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    Thanks Collin_Bl,

    I selected Manual config for ipv4 instead of DHCP and the MBP is connecting virtually immediately on startup.

    Thanks heaps!!


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