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    "No AirPort card installed" error.
    Hey guys, I have had a problem with my Macbook Pro 15" for over a month now and have been doing all I can to resolve it, and I thought I would try asking my question specifically on this forum in order to see if anyone has had the same problem and can offer any solutions.

    So about a month ago my wireless internet suddenly stopped working, as if it had lost its signal. I then shut it down hoping this might be able to quickly resolve the issue. Once I had turned it back on, I noticed a "fan-like" image appearing in place of what used to be the wireless signal strength icon. When I clicked on this fan, it simply said "No AirPort card installed." This had me worried, so I tried restarting a couple of times, yet to no prevail.

    So I plugged in my ethernet cable and started searching all over the net for any possible solutions. Surprisingly I found a lot of people with similar issues, although it turned out that they could delete some AppleAirPort2.kext files, or do an update of some sort, or reset a variety of elements, and their problems were fixed. Yet for me, either the files weren't there, or the resets didn't work. Essentially, most peoples issue was a software issue, so because their solutions weren't working for me, I thought it could be a hardward issue.

    Now, I must say that my laptop is about 6 months out of warrenty, so I wasn't afraid of pulling apart to check if the actual AirPort card was loose. I did so successfully, and pulled it out, and plugged it back in, and turned my computer back on. Again, "No AirPort card installed" still displayed, so I figured I might as well hand it in to the Apple store and get ready for a big fee.

    I had to pay $65 for them to just figure out what the problem was, and then finding out it was $250 odd to get a new AirPort card put in, I declined their offer.

    I then bought a new AirPort card from a Power Seller on ebay, and when it finally came, I proceeded to put it in my laptop. To my joy, when I turned my laptop on, it worked, although I did need to configure it! It worked most of that day, and then when I then shut my computer down, and later turned it back on, it again displayed "No AirPort card installed."

    I have no other options, and might have to face using an ethernet cable for quite some time. But I thought I might try voicing my issue to the Mac community.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey guys,

    It's been well over 3 months since this problem first occurred and still no good.

    Can anyone help?

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    Unfortunately it does sound like hardware. Is there a different Mac you can try either of your airport cards in? Worst case is you have a bad motherboard - that causes a short and burns out the airport card. If the cards work in a different Mac - then it may just be the interface (not that you can do much about that)

    One other thing you could try is a USB card - not ideal but at least you don't have to run a wire to where you are.

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