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    Newbie needs help accessing/printing from iMac to XP based Network
    I have a Canon Pixma printer hooked up to an XP PC. My Vista laptop sees it and can access/print to it. My iMac found the printer when I added a network printer. I installed the Pixma drivers on the Mac. When I print, it sends it to the printer and the dialogue box shows that it is printing. But the printer hooked up to the PC never does anything.

    From the Mac Finder, it shows the XP PC and the Laptop in the Shared column, but when I click on one of them it either says Connection Failed or just stays on the Connecting... message.

    Is there something obvious I'm not doing?


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    Well, I don't know about your current set up but if you are using a wireless router (assume so since you mention a laptop) you can plug the printer into the router and the iMac should be able to print to it that way. I have a Canon pixma mp620 and it is set up that way. If you don't find a solution for your current configuration, you might want to try this alternative method.

    Best wishes.

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    Printer on Cannon printer on router
    Hi, Cannon MX700 on FIOS router that prints from the desktop Vista computer and PC laptop wirelessly. Now have a MacBook Pro on which I can find a "bonjour scanner" that is a Cannon MX700 and works. But I can not figure out how to get the printer to work. If you can help I will really appreciate it. George

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    Mac print on network printer
    Hi, I posted the question above and after lots of reading of posts now have the printer working. I think it was because I followed advice and downloaded drivers for the Canon printer directly for the Mac. I was trying lots of things but I think this is the one that worked. My Mac now sees the printer. Hope this help anyone else with the same issue. Best, George

    PS I do not have the link for these drivers right now but if I can help you find it let me know.

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    iMac access to XP network printer
    I have an issue similar to Primitives - I have an iMac running SnowLeopard 10.6.2 that I am trying to connect to my XP PC network with a Canon i860 printer attached via USB cable to the server computer. From the iMac I find the printer when searching and can set it up. Printing a test page gives me a message that it is printing but it never actually prints. I can't get any info on the printer status from the Mac side. BTW I don't think connecting directly to the router is an option with USB cable. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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