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    Taking control
    Hi, looking for some help controlling internet access, first here is what I have and what I want to do.
    I currently have a Cable modem (virginmedia) attached to my airport extreme, This is connected to my Mac pro (cable) and my macbook (wireless) and I have children who attach a Dell laptop (cable).
    As with most kids you can never get them to log off when they are supposed to, and ends up a constant pain getting them to disconnect.

    So to cut out this argument every night. I need a solution to be able to cut the connection at a pre-determined time, for each individual client.
    Unplugging at the modem is a last resort as both my wife and myself work from home and are often working on the net, so just to be able to isolate the pc is my ideal.
    Anyone know of software or system setups that can help me would be very much appreciated.

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    Since you are using an Airport Extreme, this may help you achieve what you want Page 47 of the document shows how to set up Access Control, which will allow you to tell the router what computers are allowed on the network based on the hardware address of it's network adapter. You can totally block a computer or set it up to only allow it access on certain days or between certain times. I am not sure if it will automatically boot a computer off at the end of the specified time though. I have never used access control but it does look like it may do what you want. I don't have an Airport router, but my Belkin and probably most others have this feature. Hope this helps some.

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