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    Can't get NFS shares to work
    I've just got a MacBook and could do with some help in setting up an NFS share.

    I've used Disk Utility -> File -> NFS Mounts, and put
    in the Remote NFS URL box, and
    in the Mount Location box. The 'nfs' directory exists, and I chmod'd it to 777 (just in case ).

    Then I click Verify, and after a while it reports that the NFS Server did not respond.

    The server is my desktop Linux box, and my Linux laptop connects to it no problem. It's not set to only allow specific IP addresses, so I'm guessing it's at the Mac end where I've got it wrong.

    Trying it from the command line returns an 'Operation not permitted' error.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Feb 20, 2010
    I have a similar problem, although Disk Utility reports "The NFS server appears to be functional". The mount point is created. Yet I cannot see any files under yhe mountpoint. Running ls returns "operation not permitted".

    EDIT: The key was to add the flag -P nosuid in the Advanced Parameters and tick set Ignore "set user id" privelleges

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