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    Wireless in Korea
    I just moved to Korea and everyone here uses a PC. Plus everything is wireless. When I tried bringing a hardline ethernet cord to connect to the internet my coteachers gave me a weird look. I have asked them every day for 3 days for help and none of them know anything about a mac. Their solution is to buy a PC or repartition my mac to host windows XP.

    They offered me the ip address/subnet/router/and DNS server but it means nothing for airport (to my knowledge). There is a wireless network provided at the school but the password is in korean. I tried setting my keyboard to type in hangul (korean) but every time I go type in the password my laptop automatically resets to american keyboard and wont let me type in korean. There were only two times that I got the password input window to let me write in korea and the first time it would not let me write the second charater. It just wrote over the first character. The second time i got the password all written out but the "ok" button would not click... something about having less than 8 characters in the password.

    In short, I am completely at a loss. Any help is greatly appreciated. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO USE A PC FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS WHILE I LIVE HERE!

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    There are lots of Mac computers in Korea. Where in Korea are you? Seoul?

    Anyway, you may need to contact an Apple store there in Korea and have someone help you setup your Mac to type in Korean. Since you have all the necessary information from the school wireless, you should be able to get on line fairly easily.

    Here's a link and phone number to call.


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    Unhappy MacBook Pro Korea at a elementary school
    I'm am living in Korea at the moment and i'm in a far-back country area working at a teacher. I have a macbook pro and i'm trying to connect to the internet via both airport and ethernet.

    There is only wifi in the libirary and there isn't supposed to be a password for it. In network diagnostics it says that it connected and has a self-assigned IP address but the network status displays that the airport, airport settings, and network setting are connected but the ISP, Internet and Server are all red and have failed as subtext. So i can't connect to the internet with either firefox or safari. I've checked the firewall and it says that its allowing all incoming connections.

    Next is the ethernet. This is what i've been trying to use at my house. Its connected to the schools internet. I have the IP address, the subrouter mask and the router information. The network says that it's authenticated but network status says that it has all but the internet and server connected so i still have no internet.

    I'm wondering if there is a secret password that they are unaware of or it's something else. It might be because the computer is a mac and its in english since all the other computers here are in Korean. I've tried to change that too but really, i can't read Korean so its sort of useless for me to try that too.

    Oh and last thing. I've been able to use my mac in korea successfully before. When i was at the universities in Korea both in Jochiwan and Jeonju it worked fine.

    If there are any suggestions that would be awesome!

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    Please don't double post. As I advised you before, you need someone over there to help you set things up. Since you're not living in and around Seoul, you'll just have to find someone locally to assist you.

    I have no idea what type of setup the Korean ISP is using or whether or not you have to have a password at your school. Those are things you have to investigate for yourself.

    I spent several years in Korea working for the US Govt and I know that almost everyone over there speaks English and are usually very anxious to help.


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