I have reached the no mas stage with using a D-Link DNS-323 for Time Machine on my MacBook running Snow Leopard. I have been getting Error Codes 45 when I enable Time Machine, but something different started happening where it appeared like a desktop of the Milky Way appeared, with Cancel button on the left bottom, Restore on the lower right and a bar on the right side with today.

I don't have enough time to spend another few hours on this. So I'm considering a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo. It looks like it will work easier with Time Machine. But will it use two 2TB Western Digital hard drives? I tried looking for firmware drivers & saw nothing which indicated if those drives will work.

The D-Link DNS-323 permitted me to Raid 0, 1, stand alone & JOBD- just one big drive. Will a ReadyNAS permit me to go with separate drives(volumes) ?