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    Unhappy Another no internet connection problem

    My english isn't that good so please pardon me
    I have switched to using Macbook few months ago. Everything is functioning well except for some minor problems which I searched online for help and solved them.

    Information about the Macbook: 2.13 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo

    Last night, one problem came. I was surfing the net and suddenly and internet connection just went down. The Macbook was connected to the house modem at full bars and it was working okay previously. After that, I just couldn't use the internet anymore.

    So I checked the Airport, initially, it says that it has self-assigned IP and there may not be internet connection. After a few clicks (or more) somewhere but I've forgotten where are they, the connection becomes: Airport is connected to the 2WIRE790 (house modem) with this IP address. So it's connected but I couldn't have access to Safari and Firefox - you are not connected to the internet.

    Today I tried again, and it changed back to self-assigned IP again.
    I've tried resetting Safari, cache and restart the Macbook several times but to no avail. I've been searching for solutions online and it still failed.

    I do not know what is a router and so I don't think I am using any. I surf the net wirelessly tapping the house modem. My brother has no problem connecting to the internet using the same house modem and he is using a HP laptop.

    Hope you guys can help me out. I was about to go crazy since yesterday!

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    oh yeah. i've finally found an ethernet cable and i connected it right to my macbook and now it works fine.
    but you see, i don't want to work just beside my modem though. so are there any solutions for this problem?
    and i wonder why it works this way?

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