I want to participate in an online simulation game (see, www.steelbeasts.com) which requires router port forwarding as follows: TCP/UDP 2300-2400, UDP 47624. I've just about lost my mind trying to get my Airport Extreme set up to do that. I've talked to two Apple techs, and neither of them can get it either. I found one online source that says the Apple Airport Extreme is not capable of forwarding that many ports. (http://www.portforward.com/english/r...sts_Pro_PE.htm) But I can't find anything from Apple to confirm or refute that. Of course, I'm talking about doing this on the Windows XP side of Boot Camp.

Can any of you shed any light on this problem?


I used to do this with an el-cheapo D-Link router with no problem. I just can't believe my expensive Airport Extreme can't do it.