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    How is Everyone Supporting Macs in Windows Environments?
    First of all, I know virtually nothing about Macs so I thought I'd join a few forums and get some help with a project of which I have been assigned at my workplace. Please bare with me if I over-simplify my objectives.

    I have been asked to scour the Mac communities in search of information how anyone manages Macs in their Windows networks (on a corporate level).

    I guess (from what I have been told) currenly have about 35 or so Macs (Leopard and Tiger OS x) currently in our Windows 2003 servers network. I've also heard that some of our Mac users have issues with losing files on shared corporate drives (file extensions being truncated, and such).

    What I'm looking for is what resources we might need to effectively administer our Macs integrated in our Windows environment. For the addition of a Mac server necessary? Are there any software (file mangemetn software) we might need on our Windows 2003 file servers to manage the Mac files?

    We use McAfee to maintain our security. Will that work well with our Macs?

    I guess I'll start out with that.

    I appreciate your input.


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    Will your company send you to a class?

    Integrating Mac OS X into a Windows Environment - Course 947

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    I am lucky, I work in an overwhelmingly windows based company, out of the 1000s of PCs in the company worldwide, we are the only Mac department.

    While I do not admin the network(I am a user), we have one of the PC admins who is willing to put in the time to support us.

    We have sophos installed, not that it ever finds any viruses.

    I'll ask him what methods he uses on Monday and get back to you
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    It's unlikley I will be sent to any formal Mac training. I'm merely on a fact finding mission to see how everyone else does supports Mac on corporate Windows environments and report back with suggestion how we should do it.

    We are interested in...

    The most common business users (example finance (accounting), marketing, etc.) use Macs in your networks.

    If anyone uses McAffee to monitor your Macs and report to a central McAfee server of any viruses found in the McAfee clients.

    If anyone uses a Mac server to connect their Macs to the Windows network.

    Stuff like that.

    Nothing really too technical, but more of common infrastructures folks use.

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