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    2 eMacs & 2 routers wireless?
    I'd like to establish a wireless network and was wondering if it's possible to do so with what I've got. Please keep in mind that when it comes to networking, I'm almost clueless.

    I have 2 eMacs, both 700MHz running 10.2 & 9.2.2, and 2 D-Link DI-614+ wireless broadband routers to work with. One of the eMacs is stationed on the first floor of my house and is already connected to the Internet via a Verizon DSL modem and one of the D-Link routers. The second eMac, which is on the second floor of the house (about 60 feet away from the connected eMac), is not connected to the Internet. It seems to me that it might be possible to hook the second D-Link router up with the second eMac and make the appropriate configurations in order to get the second eMac to share the existing Internet connection.

    Any advice, input or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    first, you'll only need one wireless router, take your cable connection and plug it into the back of that verizon adsl modem, then take the ethernet cable and connect it from the back of the modem to the wireless router, take another ethernet cable, it goes from the router to the ethernet port of the 'main' emac, probably on the first floor, then, the emac on the second floor, or wireless one, needs to have an airport card, turn on the airport card, open safari and enter the ip address of the router which probably came in the manual or is on the router itself, you will be taken to a setup page, follow the instructions, enable wep, make a username and password when enabling wep, thats it, very simple.
    Note: when I say main emac, I mean the one that is wired straight to the connection, and thus acts sort of as a hub or 'main' mac.

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