hi ppl,

Just bought my first Mac today, a G4 Powermac. But there is no Airport Card.
So I found out I could just use my Asus WL-138G V2 PCI Card, so naturall I
slotted it in. I cannot, however, connect to the internet. In the network
diagnostics there are 4 choices..Ethernet, External Modem, Airport, & Other.
Whilst to the right of this on the screen are Airport (Green), Airport Settings
(Red/Failed), Network Settings(Red/Failed), ISP(Red/Failed), Internet(Red/Failed), Server(Red/Failed). I have tried the simple password,
which I use with my netbook just fine, but nothing, I even tried to enter the
MAC Code (from router) into wep passwords, STILL Nothing I've tried everything, but still nothing. Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong, and please bear in mind that I am a noob at this, my first mac. Any help would be greatly aprecciated. Thank You - Mark