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Thread: AEBS + 2 Express units, sound cutting out.

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    AEBS + 2 Express units, sound cutting out.
    Hi all,

    I've purchased an AEBS & and extra Airport Express 2 weeks ago. (Old express was purchased about a month ago), purely for wireless Audio using itunes and its song request feature.

    They are successfully connected to one another as such:
    AEBS: extend network option selected
    AE: join network (join AEBS network)
    Using WPA2/personal encryption
    Channel: 2 (free Channel
    Distance: all three units are within 30feet of each other.

    AEBS: Office
    AE 1: Room 1 (Bose speakers via Amp)
    AE 2: Room 2 & wireless printer. (Bose speakers via Amp)

    When using just one AE I can run sound with no problems but when running both at the same time, it causes the music to cutout a fair bit after about 2-5 minutes.

    I couldn't setup WDS, my AEBS doesn't have any WDS options on it as shown in the tutorial on apple's support page. Could this be the problem?

    Any help would be appreciated. I can provide more details of my setup if needed, just unsure of what I should provide.


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    AE 1: Room 1 (Bose speakers via Amp)
    AE 2: Room 2 & wireless printer. (Bose speakers via Amp)
    Not sure what u mean by wireless printer - do u have a printer connected to AE 2 by USB lead? My printer is wireless but it has its own IP address.
    Try running your set up without any printer to see if you get the cutouts.

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