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    new macbook pro won't connect to netgear WNR1000 router!
    hi everyone,

    i have a two month old macbook pro that has no problem connecting to any wireless network (at friends' houses, on my college campus, in coffee shops, airports, etc)...except for the one set up in my apartment. the wireless network shows up in the airport, thinks it's online, etc., but won't load a page on either safari or the other browser i have downloaded.

    i've had two different comcast technicians over here...the second one was a self-proclaimed "mac person"...he said that he spends all day every day setting up routers for macs on my college campus and has no idea why mine won't connect. this is not the first time i've had problems with netgear routers on my mac. i have comcast (not by choice) and this has been a chronic problem in this apartment with this computer and in my old apartment with my old white ibook. i went for months without wireless in my old apartment using a netgear router until finally by some stroke of good luck it started working.

    the router in question, specifically, is "NETGEAR Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000". if anyone else has run into this problem, i would appreciate some insight. the whole hardwired thing is getting a bit old...i'm pining away for my wireless! please help me!

    i will make note that while i am not completely hopeless and can navigate my way around a mac, i am by no means an expert, so you may have to break things down in laymen's terms for me. don't say i didn't warn you...

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    What encryption are you using? WEP? WPA? Did you try it with no encryption?

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    MacBoork Pro w Netgear n-150 Wireless router Prob
    Did anyone find a solution to this problem?? I just migrated to a newer MacBook Pro and got home and had the same wireless connection problem. AN yhelp appreciated.

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    As dtravis7 said, what encryption are you using?

    I sometime have the same problem. Although it might seem I am not connected to the internet, I am connected to the router. By that I mean that if I type in (usual router address), it will take me to the routers homepage. If this happens to you, then it isnt your Mac. Can any other devices connect and successfully use the internet there?
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