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    HP Printer sharing via dell to imac/macbook pro
    6+ hours with apple tech/d-link support luck. More fiddling this evening still a puzzle.

    Dell laptop wireless recognizes hp 2400/prints via dell pc (d-link 655.) Strong connection. iMac and MBP do not. Both Mac's have excellent airport/internet connection...

    but the HP 2400 printer shows "offline" on both macs.

    The hp 2400 is "shared" on the Dell Dimesion pc (XP sp3.) When the printer is "usb'd" to either the iMac or MBP both print...the Dell's do not (reversed for some reason?)

    Up a tree HELP. ted

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    It's very likely driver related. One of the biggest strengths of Windows is its ability to do simple port redirection for printers. Unfortunately, OS X is not this flexible. The drivers are typically designed to work with a specific port. So, if the printer was designed to use USB, the driver will want the printer to be connected via USB.

    Can you give me the specific model of the printer? It's probably something like "LaserJet 2400" or "Photosmart 2400" or something like that. We might be able to find an open-source driver that is more flexible.
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    Thanks for the turnaround. Reading from the install disk (CD version 6.2.0): hp psc 1300 series psc 2400 photosmart series hp officejet 5500 series. Macintosh OS v9 and higher//OS X v10.1.5 and higher.

    Yesterday/this am I checked for software updates. There was a hp update yesterday (I downloaded) but from what I could tell it didn't relate to the 2400 photosmart series.

    One other thing that might be causing the problem. The MS Feb 10-11 security update (12 or 13) left my computer (and it seems quite a few around the world) unable to boot XP.

    MS security tech did a remote reinstall/got the Dell up and running again. I want to say (wouldn't bet my life on it though) that prior to the update I was able to print remotely off the macs and the Dell laptop upstairs.

    Is a ubs splitter off the printer cable (ie) tether both Dell & Macs to the 2400 a doable workaround if all else fails?

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