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    Timecapsule as Ext HDD
    I've got a time capsule but I'm not currently using it for the internet wireless. Can I just plug it into my mac via the USB on the back of the timecapsule and use it only as an HDD?

    I would just try this and see but I don't have a USB to USB connection at my flat just now and I'm a student so I don't really want to spend any money I don't need to!

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    Okey, here's the great thing about USB male to USB male connectors, there specifically very rarely created, because "some" people will try to do things which aren't meant for i t ;-)

    So, Sorry but no, you can't use the Time Capsule as an external HD through the USB-port. There's simply no way cause there isn't software for this, neither is the hardware present in the Time Capsule.

    The only function for the usb port is to:
    - connect more external HDD's
    - connect wireless able printers,
    - usb sticks
    - service maintenance

    So sorry but wired connection to your pc is not possible.

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