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    Jan 27, 2010
    Angry Macbook keeps disconnecting from internet
    Ok, so here's the problem. It works fine until yesterday when I was on my webcam chatting with someone and it dropped connection all of a sudden. I couldn't connect back to the internet until I restarted the macbook. From then on, it keeps disconnecting almost every hour. I have to restart it every time it happens or it just won't connect. Today it's doing the same thing, sometimes I need to restart it 2-3 times for it to connect.

    The funny thing is, it shows the airport is on and connected but when tryin to open any website the browser shows a message "problem connecting to the server..." something like that, with an exclamation mark inside a yellow triangle.

    It's not my router cz every other computer in the house is connected. It's not the browser(both safari and firefox doesn't work) cz all other applications drop connections too when this happens.

    I am lucky enough that I just reconnected back to the internet so that I can post this. I don't know when it's gonna disconnect again, as it has done it 5-6 times since yesterday. I couldn't finish any work today cz of that.

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    Have you tried turning off airport and back on? I had this happening for a while, don't know what happened to fix it but it's worth a shot.

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    Yes, that 's what I tried first. But it doesn't work so I have to restart the computer.

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Macbook disconnecting from internet

    I had the same problem. Here how i solved it.

    Change wireless key to WAP AND! change the name of your network and the password too!!! It worked just fine for me with 2 differents wifi routeur.

    Good luck!

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    Dec 10, 2009
    I have the same problem on my MacBook Pro 2.66 Unibody.

    My bootcamp's airport works fine, no disconnects ever, but when I go to my Mac side it continuously disconnects.

    I'm using WPA.

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    Imac G5(Mine) and Wife's Imac intel,(new)
    I posted a similar problem, while working on the internet, e-mail or a page, open a link and then another link and it says I'm not connected to the internet, click back a page or two, and I'm still connected. I'm running a brand new I Mac, the Airport card has already been replace, so I'm wondering if it is failing again, yesterday I had to do a complete install of the passwords etc for my dsl modem.
    I do not think it is the modem because the older I Mac I'm typing on does not have that problem.
    Having said that, after the first of the year, my dsl has slowed to almost dialup level much of the time, I wonder if that has something to do with it. I will be calling the phone company soon.

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    I find the majority of problems out in the field with the channel selection set to automatic
    or to many people on the same channel, we use something like iStumbler to show signal
    strength,noise and how many users are on what channel. Note some cards are more sensitive to changes than others. Also from time to time I have had to reboot both routers and modems for clients.

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    Mar 22, 2010
    similar problem
    I am having a similar problem but it is on a HP PC. I recently purchased a time capsule and run to IMAC's over it, my vaio PC all with no problems. My wife however logs on and then she gets disconnected from the internet after a short period of time. Her PC works fine on other networks and he is closer to the base station than any of the other PCs/Mac's.

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    Oct 26, 2009
    internet drops too
    Hi, we've just changed the router and our internet connection on our network keeps dropping. We have different Mac systems in the office and everybody gets disconnected at the same time. I found out that if you go to system preferences and reset DHCP it comes back and everybody is on the net again. I keep monitoring the connection dropouts and it keeps disconnecting almost at the same time each hour. I think it has something to do with time machine and new router settings. Any idea how to solve this?

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