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Thread: Hard Drive Over Network?

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    Hard Drive Over Network?

    I've read lots of threads but can't find any exact information on what's surely a common set up.

    My wife has a macbook and I'm soon to sell my iMac to get a macbook pro.

    We have a d-link wireless router and everything works nice and fast around the house.

    I would like to connect two 1gb hard drives to two of the ethernet ports on the d-link. One to hold all our data, and the other as a Time Machine back up (or at least a disc I can periodically copy everything onto - to act as a backup).

    The only option I can find is something like this:
    Iomega 1TB Home Media Network Drive Hi Speed USB NAS 10/100/1000 Ethernet - Retail - Ebuyer

    It would seem two of these could work, though I'd prefer not have to use any software to get it work, other than the Snow Leopard operating system. The above is currently far too expensive.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas or alternatives? I'd like to keep the Macbook drives as empty as possible so a the above idea is my ideal solution.

    Many thanks,


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    Check this out:

    D-Link 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure

    I have one and love it.
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