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    I'm hoping someone will be able to help with our interesting, but I'm sure not unique situation.

    My business partner and I run a small creative agency in the UK. We both work at different sites, some 60 miles apart (2 hours drive on UK roads) making file sharing and backup solutions difficult. My business partner hosts a master drive which is backed up on a regular but manual basis, whilst I to all intents and purposes work independently, delivering my files in person every week or so. I then pick up a new copy of the master drive so I have the latest files, then continue working independently. If we need to swap/share files between physically meeting up then we'll use ftp's etc to move stuff around. This has worked for us over the past 18 months but we need something a bit more robust.

    I've seen the Western Digital My Book World Edition, which looks like an interesting concept but not being very Mac compatible doesn't look like an option.

    Does anyone know of a similar product or combination of products that would offer this type of storage/backup/remote access for our situation?


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    Welcome to the Forum James. McBie lists some good criteria here which may help u to sort best path for your scene.

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