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    wireless network detected: not working
    I live in a house with three other people, two of whom have Macs, one has a PC. We have wireless internet set up with a password. As of last night, my internet has stopped working. All of my friends can access the internet, so it is not an internet problem, but a computer problem.

    My computer detects our network (and several others). BEFORE clicking on the network, my computer indicates that our network has a password (with the padlock icon). Once I click on the network, the padlock goes away, and the computer indicates that I am connected to the network with full connection strength.

    When I attempt to go to a webpage (through Safari, Firefox, or Chrome), it states that the server cannot be found, and to check to be sure that the URL is correct, or to check your connection settings.

    I go into the internet connect menu, and through the troubleshooting process. I select wireless internet, then select my network from the list of networks. The first time, it asks for permission to use a password from my keychain. I say yes. It then says there is an error and it cannot connect because my internet settings have changed, and to go back and try again. So I do. I click on my wireless network again, and this time it asks for me to type my password. I do. It then says that there is an error in connecting, and to check my password to see if it is correct, and that it is also possible that the connection stopped due to the wireless network no longer being available.

    I go through the process again.

    I'm not sure what the issue is, but it seems that my computer may be confused as to whether or not it needs a password to connect to the network, and that maybe this is a keychain issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Since you already know that Keychain might be the issue, why don't you delete the network from your computer altogether. Heres how:

    -Network Preference
    -While "Airport" is highlighted, click "Advanced"
    -Under the "Airport" tab delete the network from the list and try connecting again.
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    I was having some problems a while back, and the troubleshooter thing asked me to reset the cable modem then click continue.

    Did you try resetting the cable modem at that point or not?
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