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    Airtunes cutting in and out when using the internet.
    Hi all,

    I know this topic has been covered before and there is a support page for this problem on the apple website but I haven't been able to fix the problem using either hence the post so sorry for repetition.

    As the title says my airtunes keeps cutting in and out, but it only seems to happen when I am actively using the internet. What I mean to say is that if the internet is connected and sitting there dormant it works fine, but as soon as a start to surf or download it cuts out, the higher the download/upload rate the longer the cut outs are until it stops all together.

    My network contains the following,

    2 Computers (1 iMac and 1 MacBook Pro)
    1 Airport Express

    The iMac is the host of the network, it also is the provider of the internet via a USB mobile broadband stick shared out via Airport (which cannot be connected directly into the Airport Express). Airport Express is used purely for Airtunes.

    I could not change the channel setting to test for interference in Airport Utility as the iMac was the host. I tried changing the whole network channel on the iMac but the cut outs still occurred.

    I use the MacBook Pro to send the audio from iTunes to Airport Express, distance would only be about 4 meters with no physical barriers such as stereo/cables/walls etc.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    Any idea's please?

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    I am experiencing the same issue. We recently purchased the 21.5 iMac with 10.6.2. Prior to the purchase, the airport express was our wireless access point. We now have an airport extreme and I have the Express connected "join existing network", and I am having issues with the cutting in and out. Funny thing is, while writing this response, I am not having the problem. I turned off the wireless HP printer we have on the network and it seems to be better. Very odd.

    I must say that this is a iTunes/10.6 compatibility issue. The Macbook that is running 10.5 streams airtunes without flaw.

    Dear apple, please fix this problem.

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    I found this to be a massive problem when I had a very slow internet connection. I changed my ISP (from TalkTalk to BT in the UK) and it pretty much solved the problem all together. I had to change the setting so that the frequency wasn't being interrupted by the other main WiFi connection in my house but after that the problem was solved, AirTunes now streams perfectly.
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