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    Hooking Up Linksys WRT54G
    I finally was able to get internet directly to my Macbook from the router that the internet service provider sent. I then hooked their ethernet cable up to the linksys wireless router and then an ethernet cable from it to my macbook. I am still getting internet. When I go to the Basic Setup page that linksys provides and try to save my changes, I get an error that says safari can't open page, unexpectedly dropped from server. I think I am entering everything ok. I guess I need some guidance as what to do, what numbers to put into Network under System Preferences, and things like that. Thanks.

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    Try opening the Admin page in Firefox - i had trouble trying to save changes in Safari while setting up a Linksys.

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    May be a dumb question, but how do you open something up in firefox?

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    Do you have the Firefox browser installed? If you do... what Collin is saying is to open the ADMIN page for the router using Firefox not Safari. Check your Linksys manual for the IP address of the ADMIN page where you can make your adjustments.


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    Any other ideas. Anyone have any steps or a website that will be useful? I did find some things online, but its still not letting me save anything, and not sure of the ip address and other numbers as well.

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    The default address for the router is
    Just put this in the address bar in Firefox the default user is root the password is admin

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