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Thread: Airport Extreme MB763LL/A or MC340LL/A?

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    Airport Extreme MB763LL/A or MC340LL/A?
    I want an Airport Extreme. I can find the previous generation for around $60. Is the newest generation worth the extra $100. Who can tell me what's the difference between the last gen. and the new one?


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    I dont know answer to your question but I have a question for you, where did you find it for $60?

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    MA073LL/A = single band, 10/100 ethernet
    MB053LL/A = still single band, first gigabit version.

    MB763LL/A = first dual band version.

    The current version is MC340LL/A = dual band + greater range, purported "faster Time Machine backups."

    On October 20, 2009, Apple unveiled the updated AirPort Extreme Base Station with antenna improvements resulting in wireless performance gains of both speed and range. Also stated is a resulting performance improvement/time reduction on Time Machine backups of up to 60%.

    I'd say it's worth saving $100... the only differences are slight. Your call though...

    Extra info culled from this thread: Airport Extreme Base Model Numbers - Mac Forums

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    Unless you are going for distance - the squarish 'Mini style' units have a much greater range than the 'flying saucer' units, think that means Gigabit units and later which i think were also were 802.11n.

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