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    How To: Removing unwanted users from my network?
    Hi there. I have the gigabit version of the Airport Extreme router. I have a few roommates who unfortunately have given out the wireless password to a few of their friends, who are outstaying their welcome and using up my bandwidth. I am curious if there is a way to kick unwanted users off my wireless network without having to change the password?

    I did a quick search of these forums and a google search and really found nothing. Seems like a no brainer kind of issue that I'm sure someone can enlighten me on.


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    mac address filtering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deus_ex_machina View Post
    mac address filtering.
    Not the most descriptive solution, but it is correct.

    MAC address filtering on your wireless router is the best method to restrict access. At least until some smart college hacker figures out how to clone your laptops MAC address.

    MAC (Media Access Control) - not Mac - is the 12 digit hexadecimal identifier that every ethernet device is assigned - they are unique in all of the world.

    Once enabled, you will need to find the MAC address of any system you will allow to join your wireless network. That MAC address will have to be entered into the management console of the router before that device can join.

    As a side note: Once MAC filtering is enabled, you can remove your wireless security and use simple WEP with no password. Unless you are worried about that smart geek in the next dorm.

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