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    Strange issue with my airport...?
    Hey there,

    About a month ago I got knocked over and I fell, having my laptop in my bag. Luckily I didn't fall on my laptop, but my laptop stil took quite a hit when falling on the ground. I immediately checked on it and I saw nothing was wrong, atleast at the time. My laptop was protected by a protectioncover btw.

    When I got back however I noticed my wireless internet wouldn't work. My airport didn't want to activate. It activates, and within 4 seconds it deactivates again leaving me unable to connect to the internet. Now I have to design in the livingroom where I'm connected with a LAN-cable.

    Now I figured it must've been a hardware problem, so I thought: "if I give it to my local apple store, it should be fine."

    The problem with this is, I need my laptop constantly. I'm a graphic design student and I work a few hours a day to keep up with my schedule and designwork.

    I'm not a genius in computerhardware, but I do know each laptop only has one receptor for using wireless internet. And here's the funny part: I can use wireless internet on my Bootcamp, but not on my macintosh.

    I haven't tried to download anything or do anything because I'm afraid I'll mess up my laptop more than it already is.
    I also tried those usb-wireless-sticks but I have no idea how to use them.

    Would anyone be so kind to tell me what's wrong and how I could solve it?

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    It seems strange that your Airport works with Bootcamp...but not in OS X. This would lead me to believe that it's a software issue & not hardware.

    Do you think that it's possible that you somehow changed your Airport settings in OS X?

    Maybe your Airport isn't even tuned on.

    Just a thought,

    - Nick
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    I've tried to switch it on, but it switches off automatically afterwards.

    I've tried to access the airport-utility screen but I get this message when I try to access it:

    Translation: "Airport-utilityprogram cannot find any wireless Apple devices. Please make sure the apple device you want to configure is connected to a powersource and is close by your computer. Click 'Search again,' to try once more."

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    Airport Utility is not for your internal wifi, it is meant to configure the Apple wifi router, so that message doesn't necessarily mean anything

    to see your internal airport card, go to system preferences/network or right click the airport icon in the top right corner and select network preferences ... or just your select your network right away, if it's actually visible

    the airport does turn of if it doesn't find any of your preferred networks, so just check your settings

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