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    WEIRD airport extreme WDS question.
    Ok here is my issue.

    For many reasons, I have to run a linksys router from my cable modem.

    I was running an airport extreme for a while, with an airport express set up in WDS mode, and there were no problems and everything was working fine. The WDS mode was set up in order to have access to the ethernet port on the express in a remote location far from the router.

    Now, I have to run my modem into a linksys WRT-54G.

    I have turned off DHCP mode on my extreme, and have it plugged into the linksys router.

    The extreme, plugged into the linksys router, is still broadcasting the internet signal fine, and my airport express that was set up in WDS mode, is also broadcasting the internet signal fine in the remote area.

    The issue though, is that the ethernet port will not work now.

    I suspect that due to the inability of the express to issue an IP address with the DHCP mode turned off, that there is no way I can use the ethernet port.

    can anyone help?

    hear is a diagram:

    MODEM-->Linksys WRT54g-->Airport Extreme (hardwired into the WRT54g)-->Airport Express (with all WDS settings unchanged from when it was working before) == NO ethernet jack working on the express, but internet broadcasting is fine.


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    Can't you access ethernet from one of the other available ports on your Linksys router?

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    cant do that
    no, i cant do that the router is too far away from the items i need plugged in

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    I have a very similar setup, although I have a different Linksys router - Vonage version w/phone ports, no wireless. My Airport Extreme is plugged into the Linksys and is the WDS main base station; the Express is the WDS remote. The ethernet port on the Express is connected to a small switch with a G4 tower and an old Airport Snow plugged into it. (I have some devices that don't support WPA, hence the old Airport.)

    I have both Airports set for b/g compatible, and have static IP addresses assigned to the ethernet ports on both devices; I generally use static IPs b/c the Linksys router can't assign hostnames to DHCP clients. The Ethernet WAN port on the both the Extreme and Express (Internet tab) is set to Automatic, and Connection Sharing is set to Off (Bridge Mode). So far, this works fine for me.

    I also have access control enabled on both the Extreme and Express - has the IDs (MAC addrs) for all the various devices I've connected to my wireless network: Apple laptops, a slew of PC laptop wireless cards, etc. (I am currently trying to replace a broken ethernet-wireless bridge for a desktop computer with a non-Apple wireless router/repeater, and the access control has caused several issues.)

    Hope this helps.

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