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    Time machine problem.
    Not sure if this is the right place for this.
    I got a 750 gig externtal hooked up to my airport. I'm getting this error that says can't connect to time machine. The drive is working I have all my photos on there and can access them with no problm. Its the back up file that seems to be the problem. This happened to me 2 time so far. I've only had this thing for about a month now. When it happened first time I had restored my computer to its orginal state assuming that I mucked the whole thing up. and I wanted a have a good backup incase I ever needed it. So Here I am again with same problem. I'm thinking that a backup was interupted. But I don't know how to repair this problem without formatting my disk which is something I don't want to do. Any help would be appreciated

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    Ok I found out that its not in the back up itself. I hooked the hard drive up to my laptop usb and backed up no problem it has something to do with the connecting to it though th airlport. But I can still access the hard drive Just not time machine

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    Welcome to the Forum. Could be a better choice would be a bootable back up using SuperDuper
    Use firewire 800 if u can it is miles quicker.

    Here are stats for one i attempted;
    Copying 52,000 files and 58 GB USB 2.0 = 33 hour
    Using Firewire 800 for same - 44 minutes

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    Make sure in Time Machine preferences that the path to the drive shows up and try and run it.

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    Well I've done nothing to it and now its working again. Guess I"m gonna need to find another backup prog that works all the time.

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