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    Virgin Media and Airport Express
    Hi All,

    There seems to be a recurring negative theme regarding virgin related posts, and mine is no different.

    Could anyone tell me why I can't just connect my airport to the virgin modem via the cable which connects to the computer (or Netgear wireless if I chose to use that)?

    I have several laptops here and only one Dell seems to be able to connect directly- the Acer says "no IP is assigned" and the Mac says its connected but the browser indicates there is no internet connection.

    I guess this is why the airport is also having trouble, it goes green and indicates it has a full signal but there is no internet.

    Grr, driving me mad.

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    Have you called Virgin and asked? I know they say they don't offer tech support for Apple, but they may have an idea.
    I have no issues connecting my wi-fi router to the modem at all (it's a D-Link).
    Is your modem one of the newer Virgin ones? I got a new one just by calling and asking, and anew wi-fi router, both free, so that may be an option for you?
    Try calling anyway, and see if that helps.
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