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    Windows malware on a mac?
    I currently have a home network setup that includes both mac and windows pcs along with printers, phones and game console. I was just wondering if it would be possible for a piece windows malware, such as a trojan or a virus, could be downloaded onto a mac OSX system but still harm the windows pc (even though it was not physically downloaded on that pc system) over the network connection.

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    Anytime a Windows machine is involved in a network, whether it be with Macs or Linux boxes, Windows AV and anti malware software should be installed on the Windows machine. That's a given.

    A virus that attacks Windows downloaded on the Mac would have no effect on the Mac and unless you copied it to the PC, the PC should be OK. Certain trojans and viruses can be passed from a Mac to a PC via email although they would not harm the Mac.

    Just make sure you keep your AV and anti malware software up to date on the PC and practice good common sense computing and you'll be fine.


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