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    Unhappy Bridged router doesn't pass through DHCP address
    I have three wireless routers configured using the same SSID. Two of the routers are bridged off the main one and act simply as wireless access points. This allows me to wander around my house and always get a strong signal. The bridged routers have their DHCP turned off. I've found that when I try to access the LAN from my laptop after it's gone to asleep, I occasionally end up with just a self-appointed IP address and no amount of turning off Airport or renew the DHCP gets me a new address. I have to turn off Airport, go to a spot where I'm fairly close to the main router, get an IP address assigned, and then I'm fine.
Anything I should look out for in terms of router settings? As it turns out, all three routers are from different manufacturers: D-Link, NetGear, and ActionTec (the latter being the default device you get with Verizon FIOS and it's the "main" router in my network). FWIW, I get a correct DHCP address if I plug in directly into the router using Ethernet.

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    three routers are from different manufacturers: D-Link, NetGear, and ActionTec
    That looks a pretty big ask to me; to have them play nicely together. With Apple Extreme and Express scene there is a selection for extending Network but with your set up - out of my league.

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