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    Airport Extreme 80211n wifi question
    Can I stream music from my macbook pro through an amp using this as I was given the airport extreme for xmas instead of the airport express including airtunes.

    Also is it possible to connect to a hdtv and again stream from my mac to tv using the airport extreme.


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    The Airport Extreme base station has a greater capability than the Airport Express. You can stream music and many other functions.

    See this Apple comparison page which outlines the differences between the units Apple sells.


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    The Extreme base station cannot stream music directly (that is, it does not have Air Tunes and the audio out that the Express has). It certainly could hook up to a separate music driver that took the ethernet feed and did the music conversion and audio out, but that sort of defeats the purpose.

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    I have the airport express. With it I am able to wifi directly from my iMac to the express unit and stream iTunes to my stereo. It works well, but not great. According to the apple helpdesk it wasn't meant to be used this way. They said, the Express is meant to be used with the Extreme or some other hub device. The wifi signal that iMac outputs is not quite strong enough to gap large distances to the Express. I have them both in the same room, so it usually works fine. I have the same Express hooked up to my printer and I wifi to my printer that way via USB.

    If you want to have your computer in one room and send your music to another another room, you'll need the Extreme (or some other hub device) to boost the signal to the Express. So, as said by Daddy Elmis above, you cannot stream music via the Extreme "directly". You need the Express, too.

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    ok cool thanks guys.

    Apple are going to take it back and I'm going to get the apple tv unit instead, save a lot of hassle

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