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Thread: Wireless accessing 2nd macbook

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    Wireless accessing 2nd macbook
    I have recently bought a new mac book pro 13'. My old old 17' pro is still in great working condition. I was wondering if there is a way i could have my old 17' consistantly running in a room in my house and be able to connect to it with my 13' macbook.

    Also, is there a way to remote accesss the 17' and control it with my 13'. Basically what i want to be able to to is have my 17' always plugged into my steroe system. then uses my 13' to access and play the music off my 17' so its plays through my steroe system.

    Any Help/Ideas? Do i need to setup a home server?

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    To remotely access it you can use "Screen Sharing". Its a default application on a Mac. You first have to setup your 17" to allow this by going to System Preferences -> Sharing -> Remote Management. Then configure it from there. The 17" isn't an ideal computer to use as a "server" in my opinion.
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