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Thread: Mac Cyber cafe idea. iCafe

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    Lightbulb Mac Cyber cafe idea. iCafe
    Think this might be the rite place lol. I've been thinking about opening a iCafe. where its just macs i've already thought about what machines i'll use and what server to use but i'm stuck! I don't no what to do about managing the iCafe like timing, i would like to have something like a swipe card so people can say pay for 5 hours then i can put it on the card so when they come back in i can swipe their card and it tells me how many minuets remain on their card. I no u can use a mac as a cash register but i don't no what software/hardware to use. so if any one can give me some tips on how i can go about this and any ideas on services i can offer would be very much appreciated.
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    You need to look into what are called "point of sale" systems.

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    Cheers, I've looked at them can't seem to find a company in the uk that sell them.

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