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Thread: direct2drive download issues...

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    direct2drive download issues...
    I recently purchased Dragon Age: Origins for my unibody macbook pro. I purchased from direct2drive. I have purchased a couple games from there before and everything worked great, but I'm having MAJOR issues with this download.

    I've tried several times to download (8 times actually) the .dmg file and my download stops at 8% or the 717MB mark... EVERY single time. Never can get past this point. I'm trying everything I can to make this work but nothing has helped. I've reset the router, unplugged power to the router, reset my computer, cleared my downloads folder, used multiple browsers, tried only using wireless, tried only using ethernet. The customer service there has NOT been helpful at all, they just repeat everything on their FAQ and will not refund my money or send me a physical copy of the game.

    So I would love any suggestions you all might have for my problem. Also, I'm using a 2wire 2701HG-D router and our DSL is through Qwest.


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    How did you pay for your download? If you used a credit card, notify your credit company by filing a "merchandize not received" refund request. Your credit card company (if approved) will debit the cost back to direct2drive.

    As an alternative, have a friend or someone you can trust, attempt the download for you on a different machine using a different ISP. If the download is successful, you'll know something is wrong on your end.


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    Does your internet still work after it stops? Try a different computer
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    Yes, the internet never stops working. I was thinking about trying to download it to my parents PC but don't know how I would transfer the .dmg file. It's a 8.7GB file.

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