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    Question Wireless Printer help
    I have a mac mini and an imac and i have them set up for wireless printing with the printer connected to the mac mini.I decided to change the print quality through the mac mini to economy mode and it worked on the mac mini,however when printing through the imac i can't change the quality.I have an epson stylus dx4050 if that helps and i am running mac os x on leopard.

    any help would be greatly appreciated even if it is just a link to another site.

    Thanks from Jack

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    So, your printer is hard wired to the Mini and wireless to the iMac. I think that's the problem. You could set it up the other way around, with the printer hard wired to the iMac, and then the Mini wouldn't be able to use economy printing. Print control sequences, fax commands, and scanning do not transmit wirelessly through that kind of setup. You would need a dedicated print server for that. The workaround is to set your printer up using its own internal controls to default to economy printing. Of course, then that's all you could get through the iMac without going back and changing the printer again.

    If your iMac and Mini are placed close together, you could try hard wiring both to the router, and USB the printer to the router, and then both Macs might be able to control the print quality. That setup will work for some functions, but not for others.

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    You might find it helpful to connect the printer to each Mac in turn and make sure it has the latest drivers loaded and will do want u want. Then put it on the wireless network and go into each Mac and add it again as default printer.

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    thanks guys will try this stuff

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