Hi, i'm going to get a macbook pro 15" 2.66 in the next few weeks. At the moment i have a windows computer & a windows laptop. For the past three days i've been having problems, all of a sudden whilst i was on the laptop on the internet it just lost its connection, i've done everything imaginable to get it working but it just won't. I reset the router and set up a new network and since doing this it gives me a passphrase to enter when i try to connect to the internet, when i enter it, it says its wrong so i can't connect. I can connect off my PC (which i am using now). I'm just wondering will i have the same problem when i get my macbook? Will i have to enter that passphrase which doesn't work? Will i need to buy a router from apple and just start from scratch? I've looked on the apple website and the cheapest router is 80. I am on AOL by the way so will one of apples routers be suitable?