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Thread: PS3>Time Capsule >iMac problem

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    PS3>Time Capsule >iMac problem
    I apologise ahead of time if this is in the wrong thread but I'm pretty sure this counts as a networking problem.

    For a while I've had my PS3 connected to my iMac wirelessly and speaking to each other via Medialink. It worked, for the most part, quite well. I could drill down into the files on my iMac via the telly and PS3. But I found many video files stuttered and stopped when played etc and then I'd spend some time copying files wirelessly to the PS3 just to watch them.

    So I thought I'd connect them all together via ethernet cable.
    ie: PS3 is connected to the Time Capsule and the iMac is connected to the Time Capsule likewise via ethernet and then to the modem.

    Now the PS3 see's the iMac but no video files and nothing of Music or pictures and Medialink on the iMac can see the PS3.

    I've thought of connecting the PS3 directly to the imac and then from the imac to the Time Capsule but there's only one ethernet connection at the back of my iMac.

    Am I missing something obvious here?
    Thanks so much for any assistance.

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    you need to give full acess to Ps3 in terms of file sharing from Imac which is to be done from Imac ..fiel sharing

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    I know this is a really old post. I'm new to the world of macs and just bought a new Macbook Pro 13 and a Time Capsule. I haven't figured out how to use the time capsule as a backup device, but instead I use it as a hard drive to store media and other files I don't want clogging up my computer. Soooo, with all the videos and music on my time capsule, I wanted to use my PS3 to watch the videos and listen to the music thru my HDTV. All I did was download medialink, which costs $20 but allows for a 30 min trial period to test it out. It was the easiest way to link my time capsule to be recognized by my PS3. I haven't figured out if I need the Macbook ON in order for it to work since I literally did it about 2 min ago. It works flawlessly. I searched for media servers on my PS3 and everything appeared as organized on my Time Capsule. It's awesome.

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    So I just restarted my macbook. When I shut it down, the media server connection to the PS3 got lost. I started my computer back up and it still wouldn't connect to the Time Capsule. I had to access to the Time Capsule with my macbook in order to "open" up access to it via the PS3. So the connection is not stand alone, however, it's a small price to pay to watch everything on the big screen and much cheaper than the AppleTV, which I've heard bad things about. All in all, definitely worth the $20 to register the Medialink app.

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    Latest update:

    I just found out, as I was watching a show, that when my macbook goes to sleep, it subsequently puts the time capsule to sleep, causing a protocol error with the PS3, thus not allowing it to access the time capsule. Looking into a work-around for this, but it may just mean that I have to keep my computer from sleeping when i watch a show...

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