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Thread: Wireless Connectivity on Snow Leopard

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    Wireless Connectivity on Snow Leopard

    I am running the latest snow leopard (10.6.2) on my Macbook which is about a year and a half old. Ever since I installed snow leopard my wireless connection worked intermittently and now it doesn't connect at all. I thought it was my router so i changed from a netgear router to a linksys and I still was having the same problem. Then I took it into apple and they replaced my airport card but that still didn't fix it. Then I changed out my Comcast modem with a different one and I still haven't had any luck. Anyone having similar issues or know how to help?


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    Does Airport even see your home network?

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    Welcome to the Forum More info can be a big help to making suggestions. So which unit is doing the wireless Network?
    Which unit is handing out the DHCP?

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    Not a question, comment or suggestion about the forum itself. Moving to the appropriate forum.
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    To Mborries:

    This has come up before. Somehow, the upgrade to Snow Leopard zaps all the previous connectivity information or corrupts it. It doesn't happen to all upgrades but only some.

    Basically what you have to do is completely remove all the previous connectivity information including any passwords for encryption that you may have stored in keychain.

    Open Library » Preferences » SystemConfiguration, and trash the entire contents of that folder. Delete all locations in System Preferences » Network, and recreate the location Automatic.

    Also go to Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain and display your passwords from keychain. Look for any password info for your internet access and delete it from the keychain.

    Now reboot the machine. Create a new automatic location as stated above.

    You should be able to get access as before you upgraded to Snow Leopard.

    The above information was copied from a hint given in the Mac OS X Hints forum.


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