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    Wireless Mac vs Netgear
    I bought my first power book last week. Now I want to go wireless.
    Mainly I will be looking to connect to internet wirelessly but having warless speakers is as well an interesting thing to have. Now because my current PC connected with wire to USB ADSL. ( I will get ride of my PC soon) .
    Therefore I have 2 options:
    1) Buy Ethernet modem (wired) & connect it to airport express/ base station.

    2) Buy ADSL wireless Modem router (netgear) DG834GT 108Mbps or similar in performance.

    My concerns are all the products available in the market advice on using wireless router & wifi card(connected to laptop) of the same brand to boost performance. My PB has a mac card built in, so airport express should work better accordingly.

    On the other hand netgear is recommended by almost every retailer especially with using this new MIMO technology.

    And if choose The Netgear now & in future I wanted to add airport express would this work? Which wireless signal my computer will read, the Netgear one or the airport's?

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    You can run Apple computers using most any wireless router because the WiFi is an industry standard. I don't know if you'd get a performance bump from an Apple-Apple configuration or not. The Apple Airport Express card will work no matter what you choose.

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