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    HTTPS Sites not loading on Mac but OK on Windows??
    Hi All,

    First post on here so please bear with me. I知 a complete noob when it comes to OS X having just recently splashed out on a macbook pro after building and running windows machines for years. It takes a bit of getting used to, but so far I知 really liking it, speed, stability etc are all great. I知 struggling with one thing though:

    I知 currently away on business in India and have taken my mac and my windows (business) laptop with me. Wireless networking from the guesthouse is via a static IP address and internet access is via a proxy server. Both Mac and Windows machines are configured to access the net fine, but for some reason the mac will not load https sites I get a page not found or not connected to the internet error.

    The same websites are fine on the windows machine. On the Mac I致e tried Firefox as well as Safari no joy, I致e disabled the OS X firewall, no joy, I致e deleted the cache and reloaded still nothing. I will not be able to change any router or lan firewall settings as it is a corporate network. This shouldn稚 be necessary though as it works on the windows machine.

    This is frustrating as I need access to my webmail and other secure sites as I値l be away on business for 2 months. Skype works fine on both machines once configured to use the proxy server.

    Any help to solve this will be most appreciated.


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    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Right, figured a workaround,

    I've got firefox to work by manually inputting the proxy settings into Firefox's connections settings. These are exactly the same as those input into network preferences settings so these should work, but they dont. Weird as Safari will still not work, but firefox does.

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