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    Wirelss Connection drops when neighbors sign in
    Hi I am having much difficulty keeping connected sometimes... This happens only when 2 of my neighbors connect not sure who they are but everytime the two names come online I loose my connection and I have to reconnect. I read somewhere there is a setting for the IP or something to be able to be changed to stop this from happening but one I am not sure where I read it at and two I am not sure where to do this at. would someone be able to help me. thank you so much.

    Oh I have a MacBook Pro and a iMac and the iMac never does it and I just recently switched over to a wireless connection with my macbook pro...

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    You have to setup your router for WPA2 security so they can't connect to your wireless signal. Lock that down and you're golden!

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    Exactly. And if you don't think it's a big deal that they're on, you won't feel that way once you've got a settlement notice from the RIAA's lawyers for the music your neighbor's 13 year old was sharing over P2P. Unfortunately, you're responsible for what goes on with your Internet connection, not the party that connects.
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